A sluggish website can cost companies a fortune. Whether the result of clunky code, uncompressed images and videos, inefficient caching configurations, bloated JavaScript and CSS, unnecessary network requests, or some other cause, we will conduct a thorough audit to uncover the root cause and take appropriate action to put the pep back in your site’s step.

Remediation may include removal or modification of non-critical code, resizing images and compressing video, minifying style sheets, and more. Our fully documented procedures include post-service retesting to demonstrate the tangible results achieved and monitoring and maintenance recommendations to keep your site operating at full speed.

Our team of engineers can dissect front end performance issues regardless of framework, and a majority of all backend performance issues.

Real results

High Country Digital has been specializing in website performance optimization for years. Our clients have seen dramatic results by working with us.

Our most notable improvements have been SwimOutlet and CNNBusiness.

We decreased SwimOutlet's load time from 5.5 seconds to just 800ms - that's an 85% improvement!

And if that wasn't enough, we lowered CNNBusiness' load time from 15 seconds to 500ms, a 96% reduction!

Guaranteed results

We're so confident in our results, all optimization work comes with a 100% money back guarantee if we cannot reduce your load time by 50% or more.

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