High Country Digital is a white glove, high touch web development agency.

Founded by Dan Ramos, an avid outdoorsman and software engineer with over 20 years of experience, High Country Digital was born in 2020.

Dan's work has spanned across many different industries, business models and company sizes. He has co-founded several startups, worked for Fortune 500 companies like Dow Jones, Johnson and Johnson and CNN, and most recently consulted for former president Barack Obama's Higher Ground Media.

Our philosophy is simple: Provide easy to understand technical guidance and quality service for your business defined by your KPIs.

The High Country Difference


We have two primary guidelines when it comes to communication: ask the right questions and know your audience.

Ask the right questions

"Don't spend time optimizing something that shouldn't exist" - Elon Musk

We couldn't agree more with Elon. When we receive new requirements one of the first questions we always ask is "why?".

By understanding your "why" we can help ensure what we work on is solving for a real business goal. If what is proposed does not adequately get us to your destination, we'll dig deeper to find the proper solution.

This deep understanding of your needs keeps our development efforts focused, and ultimately reduces time to market and cost.

Know your audience

Our engineers are keenly aware of their audience and speak in terms that nontechnical members of your team can understand.

You'll never hear us say "Your lodash modules were imported using barrel files which prevented webpack's tree shaking from working." - we'll just tell you we updated some code to make your website faster :)

Your goals, our process

During your initial consultation, we'll work closely to understand where you're at and where you want to go. Once the direction is clear we'll define a technical roadmap that is 100% tailored to your goals. Our roadmap will outline various paths to reach your goal and each path will come with pros and cons so you have the information you need to make the right decision.


Our reputation is everything to us. As much as we would love to accept all business, if we determine we cannot provide adequate amount of value we will gladly refer you to some of our partners.

In-House Projects

Aside from servicing our customers to the highest degree, HighCountryDigital is a huge supporter of career growth, creativity and taking on new challenges.

To create this kind of environment, we're building out a passion project: PowPlanner - a one stop shop for ski resort forecast, resort drive times, night life, mountain lodging and transportation.

This project gives the team at HighCountryDigital a way to try new ideas and technologies while pushing their creativity boundaries and just have some fun!